Jos Ahbay

A burly human of roughly fifty. Outfitter.


Although starting to thicken a bit around the middle, he looks like he could still handle himself in a rough patch. He serves as the commander of the militia’s Third Digit.


A lifelong inhabitant of Eldarhaven, and proprietor of Ahbay’s Particulars, an establishment that goes back to the first years after the Darkness. It really is a family concern, as his children, siblings, and neeps all contribute to his establishment’s fabled service. He took over from his father, Jen, and intends to pass it on to his son, Jal. The store’s business model relies on strong social skills and reliable ties to the other craftsmen and suppliers in the town. Not surprisingly he possesses a high level of respect amongst the general citizenry. In fact there was some surprise when Roscoe and not Ahbay was chosen by Elmo Deepdraft to fill the most recent vacancy in the Hand.

Dramatis Personae

Jos Ahbay

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