An irrepressible towheaded lad of eleven years


A human boy of eleven who seems to be perpetually in motion. Lanky, all knees and elbows, with skin the sun has tanned to a honey gold, bright blue eyes, and a shock of straw hair cut roughly under the edge of a bowl. Usually dressed in a simple white clout and sandals, no matter the weather. His only decoration is an incised stone tied at his neck and a belt with enough pouches to contain the mysteries and findings of an army of boys complete his appearance.


Aryo came to Eldarhaven as a foundling infant in the arms of Content Not Found: hurinon_. Raising him was a task that the wanderer was neither physically or psychologically suited for, so he made a number of arrangements, underwritten by a clinking bag conveyed in trust to Celrice’s safekeeping. Aryo was placed in the care of _Content Not Found: mandy, initially as wet-nurse, but eventually fulfilling all the roles and responsibilities of a good, if somewhat scatterbrained, mother. The weight of those responsibilities was actually not that high. From the time he could toddle, it seemed that he could run and spent not much more than his nights at home. A preternatural ability to avoid trouble with serious consequences allays Mandy’s concerns, mostly. His general impish good nature, and insatiable curiosity, allow him almost everywhere in Eldarhaven. The entire town is his school yard and training camp. He is not afraid to fail at any new thing, so long as he can keep at it to master at what level he is capable of.

The most likely place to find him (though that isn’t saying much) is at the Wyrm, where Mandy now works as a housekeeper. Content Not Found: ghimcrack and his brothers are happy to benefit from Aryo’s eagerness to lend a hand or run errands, and will drop an extra penny into Mandy’s purse now and then.

Hurinon had left town almost as soon as the arrangements were solidified, traveling to many far reaches, returning only three years ago. He only spent a season in Eldarhaven then, but it was enough for him and Aryo to develop a bond of respect and affection. It continued and grew even when Hurinon departed Eldarhaven to live alone (mostly) outside the Wall. His hermitage was not so far that he could not return for a day, or a week, on occasion, and more than once he took Aryo back with him for a time. Most recently Aryo has judged himself to be capable to make the journey on his own, so rarely a week goes by without him bringing foodstuffs and supplies that Aryo thinks the old man might appreciate using those dwarf paid pennies.


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