The Sustainer. Primum Mobile.


Represented as: A well muscled naked human form (usually male, but occasionally female, or even genderless), bald and with half closed eyes, poised on one foot as if in the middle of a dance, a look of sublime, effortless, concentration on his face. He is grasping in each arm the throat of two other figures, which have general serpentine forms wrapped about Bel’s limbs or torso, which embody a fantastic (and varying) combination of elements from other creatures or objects. To the extent that these struggling forms have recognizable faces, they express inchoate, implacable, anger of Bel.

Symbols: A great curving arch of stone, and by extension the rainbow.


One of the Great Powers. Considered to be the initiator of all of urXron, introducing all the other Powers to it.

His clerics roam the wide world as mendicants, either singly or in pairs. Unusually, they all dress similarly, with no indication of rank or position. Though he has no temple, fane, or even home devotional in Eldarhaven, his representation and symbols are etched on the corner-stones of both the Temple of Pel and Ela’s Pool .

Dramatis Personae


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