Bogonus Onehand

A barbarian warrior who brought peace and civilization to the survivors of Eldarhaven.


Your typical temperate climate barbarian warlord, except for missing his right hand. Tall, muscled, long tangled hair bound up in leather. Buckskins and boots. Sun browned, with dark hair, in later life turned silver grey. A long, but thin, mustache drooping to chin level.


When Regnad brought the benefits of trade to the great nomadic peoples of the western plains, without demanding any change in their culture or governance, a sort of peace fell within the tribes and with the once harried caravans and farm towns. As much out of boredom as actually fervored support, many of the warriors enlisted with Regnad’s armies, and Bogonus of the Tall Pine people was one of those. He lost his arm in the liberation of Al-Ghul, and returned to Eldarhaven, where he survived the Darkness. His natural leadership abilities brought structure and order to the other traumatized survivors, assisted by the remnants of his old tribe many of whom settled and intermarried.
Celrice anna Celamar nominated Bogonus to a formal lordship: the Master of Eldarhaven, marked by Celrice’s gift of the Dolphin Torque. He proved a remarkably apt leader of the other cultures in the town, and from the moment he took the position he began training his son, Content Not Found: gobonus, as his successor. Bogonus’s end came after 27 years of leadership, and over seventy years of age, while defending the town from an invasion of the sea-hags that seemed to come from Drowned Eldarhaven.

Bogonus Onehand

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