Thom Fletcher

Elderly male human proprietor of Fletcher's Workshop


A human almost as old as the epoch, he is still quite hale for one in his mid-eighties. Once tall, but now showing a bit of a stoop. His dark lined face tends more to be crinkled in laughter rather than creased with sorrow. Though no longer possessed of the great strength of younger days, his oil stained hands still wield mallet and chisel with unrivaled finesse. His dark brown eyes are still sharp, even if he prefers that when addressed that people “speak up, and stop mumbling!” He is almost always dressed in a linen smock with breeches, covered in chips and shavings. Behind a ragged cloth cap, long grey hair is pulled back into a pony tail, gathered by a wooden ring decorated with a riot of tiny creatures both natural and legendary.


Thom was the first human child born in Eldarhaven after the Darkness to survive those hard times past his first birth day. He showed an early affinity for working with wood, which was turned to the service of the people as the provider of a vital supply of arrows and bolts. When he wished to expand his expertise to the bows, he was tutored by the elda Tilorn, who dwelt in Eldarhaven for a time. When Thom’s parents died, Tillorn fostered Thom, and took him away from Eldarhaven on sojourn. Ffifty years later, Thom returned alone, and established his workshop. He quickly drew a stream of apprentices and journey men who came to learn from him. Even young eldar are placed with him.

As a craftsman he has an obsessive thirst for quality. Though his work area is one of the least tidy in the shop, he takes meticulous care of his tools and materials. Woe betide anyone who even touches his chisels, always kept sharp.

He has no known wife or children, and lives with the members of his workshop, closer than family. He otherwise spends little time with others, save visits with Content Not Found: honesty.

Thom Fletcher

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