Gilead anna Silarme

Male elf shop keeper, and mage.


Short, for an elf, and just short of pudgy, with pale pursed lips. He wears his flaxen hair long, braided and tied in dwarven fashion. (He is clean shaven, so this grooming does not extend to a beard.) He shades his almost albino skin from the bright sun with a broad brim circular straw hat, a long sleeve linen jacket and trousers. The only real color he has are his black eyes, the irises with an almost obsidian glitter, matched by an ebony walking stick shod with iron, and chased with polished chips of truesilver.

His appearance is always a bit more formal than what the situation might require, and his grooming is immaculate, except, perhaps, the ragged edges of his bitten nails.


Gilead and his late partner, Content Not Found: mehndrik, were proprietors of a successful shop in Plii, buying and selling arcane supplies and products. Mehndrik perished in the Darkness, but Gilead determined to re-establish their shop, under the same name in Eldarhaven. He is certain to have some arcane abilities, but he does not seem to practice Art or Craft.

The shop is open only by appointment, with Gilead otherwise to be found seated at one of the indoor bars of the Golden Trident, a glass of white wine before him. He is no bar-fly, showing the typical elvish resistance to intoxication, except perhaps a very occasional hand tremor. One oddity is that Gilead always refers to himself in the plural, as if he is speaks for the partnership still.

He gets on uncommonly well with dwarves (for an elf), and speaks their tongue and dialects flawlessly.

He abides within the Factory.

Gilead anna Silarme

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