The Recorder.


She is represented as a female in profile, sitting on the ground, writing. There are many variations in the details: cross legged, using a reed to write on a paper roll held in her lap on a board; on her knees bending forward a brush poised above a slanted board; one leg tucked under as she wields a stylus on an oblong tablet.

Her symbol is a feathered quill pen poised over an open book in profile.


Lio is a minor Power who is charged with maintaining an accurate record of what has transpired in urXron. Lio herself is generally concerned only with the events that directly touch on the Powers That Be, while the events among the Peoples are generally covered by her followers, which can drawn from all races. Besides the priests and clerics of her hierarchy, her followers include bards and paladins.

There are no clerics of Lio in Eldarhaven at the start of the campaign.


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