The Doom Bringer, Deceiver. (Obsolete: The Living Flame. The Seeker. The Gift-Giver.)


As his hierarchy is extinct, Mal has no images or representations, except in presumably less than flattering inclusions in the decorations of other Powers’ temples and fanes. His representation is a young human male, dressed in a simple robe and cowl. His skin is a burnished red, and small flames cover his exposed body, including his face and otherwise bald scalp.

His symbol is an outstretched palm, with a small puddle of flame arising from its cupped center.


After Bel, and perhaps Meh, Mal was the greatest of the Great Powers in terms of knowledge and ability, but time and again his plans would exceed what the other Powers would allow. There are many, many tales of his dealings with the Powers and the mortal Peoples, and what might begin as beneficent and fair, would twist to domination and tyranny. At the end, when his last attempt to make his will the law of the Material Plane was thwarted, he tore off a piece of the greater moon, Selene, and hurled it to destroy all life on Gaea. The Moonfall was epochal in its effects. Though Meh and Lis sacrificed much to ameliorate the damage, still the very face of Gaea was marred, and profound changes made in the lives of all the People.

Mal was broken and cast out, all his works overthrown, his hierarchy disbanded and pursued. It is said, though, that hidden cells still meet and call out to his memory and the forces that he once controlled. Even after millennia, if any person or activity is labeled “Malist”, it is sure to bring down swift judgement.

Dramatis Personae


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