The Maker, the Power who drove the creation of the Material Realm and most of its physical contents.


He is usually represented as powerfully built, bearded, male. Think dwarf, but 2.5 m tall, though in some representations his face and other details have a distinctly human cast. (Within a dwarven temple, these aspects might be muted or absent.)

His symbol is a forge hammer superimposed over a sphere representing Gaea.


When the Powers decided to create a great Realm that all would contribute to, as opposed to their individual home Realms, it was Meh who took the lead, particularly with all the physical aspects of the contents, sun, planets, moons, and of course Gaea. To assist him he created the first of the People: the Gnomehn and Longbeards. It was his intention that these assistants, who at first had abilities only slightly less than the Powers, would be uncreated once their task was done, since it was the intention that Gaea be peopled by the Primates only. That he relented, and allowed his creations, with abilities tempered so as to not overwhelm the coming humans, to also walk the world that they had poured so much into, is the reason why the Longbeards revere him.

For all that he poured of himself into his creations, in the current era Meh seems the most removed of all the Powers.

Dramatis Personae


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