Morgil anna Nad

Regnad's "Dark Star"


Few were said to have ever seen his face, and if they ever made any portraits or even written descriptions, such has not appeared to survive the Darkness. In public he was always heavily cowled and veiled, supposedly to hide the marks of a disfiguring wasting disease. That he was an elda was as much a proclaimed as an observed fact, though he did exhibit the uncanny and graceful precision of movement that marked any elf with centuries of experience.


Regnad‘s chief lieutenant during the Apostates’s War. He appeared suddenly and was given broad powers ruling Plii while Regnad led his final campaign. Traditions speak of him as cruel, and a congenital traitor, turning at the end against Regnad, who was forced to destroy him. It was the poison of his councils that derailed all opportunities for reconciliation between Regnad and the Powers

Morgil anna Nad

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