The black firedrake.


The most powerful firedrake in the years before the Darkness. He was colored satin-black, with dark red highlights, in contrast to the overall scarlet armoring more common to the fire breathers.


The history of Morurlok, like that of Dragons generally, is shadowed and uncertain. He claimed to have seen Moonfall from the unique perspective of Mal’s shoulder, and though that may be a lie, it may indicate that his origins at least were in the Years of Concord if not much earlier. In the last years After the Fall, he terrorized a great swath of land to the far north west. Nadegor, who soon afterwards was called Regnad, led an expedition of liberation against him. To the surprise of many, it did not end with the death of one, or the other, but instead Nadegor subdued Morulok, and took him restrained by sorcerous bonds to Plii.

Years later during the Apostate’s War Morulok somehow regained his freedom, an astonishing event as he gave little evidence of repentance for his past wrongs. The astonishment was compounded when some time later he was given Eldarhaven as his own, to terrible effect on the peoples of that then wondrous city below the Telmar Cliffs.

By some accounts the last was more the work of Morgil anna Nad, rather than a direct decision by Regnad, who by that time had been responsible for a number of other questionable policies. In any case at some point Regnad clearly repented of Morulok’s liberty, and engaged Morurlok in single combat. Again both survived, but this time Morulok escaped flying off to the north, perhaps to his old haunts, with Regnad in pursuit. Regnad returned some days later, his last time away from Plii and the White Palace. Regnad gave no word as to the dragon’s final fate, perhaps because of distractions of the War, as it hurtled to its final days and Darkness.


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