The Apostate. Human, unknown status. Greatest mortal of the previous epoch.


The many written descriptions of Regnad agree that he was tall, trim, physically powerful, and possessing a presence that inspired almost fanatical devotion from his followers. Even at an age well in excess of a century he appeared to be at most a quite hale middle age, a trim of grey frost to his auburn hair, his piercing green-blue eyes undimmed.

He usually dressed plain and simple, almost acetic, except when required to don the regalia of office, and even then the most impressive forms always seemed no more than appropriate, never showily excessive.

His distinctive countenance was everywhere in murals, statuary, and not least on the coinage of Plii, but by one of the side effects of the Darkness, not a single one has survived: the paintings blackened, the statues’ faces melted, even the coins literally “defaced”.


A long and complicated life allowed him to become pre-eminent in every discipline, the physical, the divine, and finally (it was said) the arcane. Distinguishing the actual from the legendary has become quite difficult.

In his youth he came from the fiercely independent freeholds of the north vales that clustered around Fort Rann, high city of the Power Content Not Found: och. Even at his beginnings he established a reputation for resisting and overcoming injustice and tyranny, an implacable foe of slavery.

He became a hierarch, then champion and finally hierophant of Tem, and together with Tem, overcame Kog‘s attempt at a dominion of the undead on Gaea, centered on Al’ghoul (Kog’s city) and Plii. With the binding of Kog, Plii was given over to Tem, and Regnad came to rule in his name. He cleansed the White Palace and made the city once again great and beautiful, the center for trade, the arts, and learning.

During all this he met, wooed, and won Vanyalosse, the daughter of Lis. She was the source of great happiness, and great tragedy when she later died.

He began to undertake further campaigns, initially in the name of justice, but as the years passed these efforts became twisted to a justification in their own respect. Where first he had allies, these later became subordinates


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