Roscoe Lionheart

Halfling proprietor of the One Armed Juggler and member of the Hand


A kuduk of mature years. He dresses plainly in a dark green suit more often seen in cooler climes than Eldarhaven, but with high quality material and tailoring, set off with a double row of gold buttons on his waistcoat, and a small gold chain, with a gold pendant of a lion rampant on his shoulders.


Some fifty years ago, a much younger, and somewhat scruffy, Roscoe wheeled his wain through the Dragon Gate with his aged mother, eight siblings, and a half-starved half-orc. He took over the then derelict Juggler and settled down. He has become a halfling of some importance, earning the respect of the community, halfling and others. One mark of this is his appointment by Elmo Deepdraft to a seat on the Hand.

His surname comes from a grandfather who faced down a great lion on the veldt.

He spends most of his days in a back room of the Jug, where he receives a stream of visitors. Access is regulated by a polite but firm half-orc, Chalmers. Like most halflings he is quartered in Little Suzzy. His descendants, including some great-grandchildren toddling about, are quartered in the grandest rooms at the top of the Hill. Roscoe retired to a more modest establishment at the hill-foot after the death of his last surviving wife, attended only by Chalmers. One of his many daughters and daughter in laws take it in turns to provide them meals and general housekeeping.

Roscoe Lionheart

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