Shalin Waggoner

Halfling male of forgettable mark and mien


If you remark on him at all, your overall impression would be … brown. Brown curly hair, brown eyes, brown skin from sun and weather. Dressed in simple homespun dark brown jerkin and breeches. He usually carries a handled brown wooden box neatly filled with a variety of small useful tools.


One of Roscoe’s many son-in-laws, he was a young kuduk kicking his heels against the side of Roscoe’s wain as it rolled for the first time through the Dragon Gate. Though not related by blood to Roscoe, he is now by his marriage to Tutka Waggoner. If not as prosperous as some of his kind, he is comfortable enough.

He is a general handyman of no small ability, always on call to make and mend in both the Snares and the Manse, and places both public and private. Though his skill is well known, his name is less so, and in most non-halfling conversations he is just called “Tutka’s man”, as in “Darn! I knew that back step was rotten, and now it’s busted. Best get Tutka’s man in to give it a look and a lick.”

Shalin Waggoner

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