The Judge. The Oath-Sealer. Represented by a seated, robed, figure, his features obscured by a cowl. His symbol is a set of scales, with a feather over the right-hand pan, and the other empty.


Tem is a Great Power, who arbitrates disputes between the other Powers. His concern is otherwise that Things Should Be As They Were Made to Be , which has at times led to his decision supporting Powers of chaos.

Mortals might invoke Tem for their most serious of oaths, though usually they would involve lesser powers as appropriate, Gal at weddings and Gre for commercial ventures. Tem also oversees an after-death judgement of certain mortals, the Dedicated, to see if they should be conducted to their Powers realm as a chosen.

For about a century before the Darkness his hierarchy determined that slavery was inimical to the standard, and embarked on its eradication within the reach of civilization, a process that as an unintended consequence ended with the Apostate’s War.


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