Tag: Halflings


  • Kudukun

    [[Primates|Next]]|[[Longbeards|Back]]|[[The Kindred|Up]] (singular - kuduk) Halflings Smaller and much slighter than dwarves; slightly taller and more sturdy than gnomes; mostly beardless, and always shoeless. Halflings generally get along with …

  • Roscoe Lionheart

    Some fifty years ago, a much younger, and somewhat scruffy, Roscoe wheeled his wain through the [[Dragon Gate]] with his aged mother, eight siblings, and a half-starved half-orc. He took over the then derelict [[The One Armed Juggler|Juggler]] and …

  • Shalin Waggoner

    One of [[:roscoe|Roscoe's]] many son-in-laws, he was a young [[kudukun|kuduk]] kicking his heels against the side of Roscoe's wain as it rolled for the first time through the [[Dragon Gate]]. Though not related by blood to Roscoe, he is now by his …

  • Tutka Waggoner

    Probably the least well physically favored of [[:roscoe|Roscoe's]] daughters, she is usually found minding the till at the [[The One-Armed Juggler|Jug]]. Wife to [[:shalin]] and mother to [[:jets]].