Character Classes


All characters begin at level one. All the Core Classes of the Core Rulebook, plus the Oracle and Cavalier from the Advanced Player’s Guide are available for choice, subject to the following considerations:


Characters who wish to take any levels in barbarian, must take their first level as barbarian.

Spontaneous Casters (Oracles, Bards and Sorcerers)

Characters who wish to take any levels in a spontaneous arcane caster sorcerer or bard, must take either sorcerer or bard as the first level. Characters who wish to be an oracle must take oracle as their first level.

If you want to be both a barbarian and a spontaneous caster, you can take barbarian for your first level, but then the spontaneous caster class must be your choice for second level.


A first, or even second, level cleric will not yet have chosen the Power of his Dedication. (This is discussed more in the following section.) In the mean time he may chose, as temporary Domains, two from the Law, Chaos, Good, and Evil Domains. This does not include access to any of the subdomains (e.g. the Archon sub-Domain). The chosen domain can not be in opposition to an aspect of the cleric’s alignment, so for example a neutral good cleric must chose Good, but he could chose either Law or Chaos (extensive use of that domain’s powers might bend the character’s alignment towards that of the domain, though). Those with the Good Domain, must choose to channel positive energy, likewise the possesses of the Evil Domain must channel negative energy. When he Dedicates himself, he choses two from the domains of that Power, losing the use of the temporary alignment domains.


Besides lawful monks, there are also a true neutral variant. There are four different traditions, or “schools” which are as much as political associations rather than doctrinal per se. They are roughly parallel with the four different allowed alignments (LG, L, LE, N)


Oracles’ connection to the divine energies does not seem to require a Power as a source or intermediary. It is a Mystery.

They do not take the Rite of Dedication, They can undergo Dedication while taking a level in another class, in which case the Power he can Dedicate to will be highly restricted, and he will be unable to advance further as an oracle.

Likewise, any character who has been Dedicated can not take subsequent levels as an oracle.


As a small point for character backstory, sorcerer’s powers are not explicitly tied to the destiny of her genealogical heritage, but rather an individual “taint” to their person. The “bloodlines” are more blood taints. The choice of blood taint could have a significance in terms of the urXron backstory beyond that implied in the flavor text found in the Core Rulebook.

No sorcerer has access to the “Draconic” blood taint.

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Character Classes

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