The Apostates War

Regnad had had a long career of roaming the world and as time went by his name accumulated a number of titles: hero, liberator, innovator, and finally Hierophant of Tem and his hierarch at Plii. But all that was prologue. He saw much in the ways of the world that led to needless and unjust suffering, and set about making changes: sometimes by sword, sometimes by a simple modification in trade practices. And if there were still people, beyond the reach of Regnad’s changes, whose lives were still filled with pain or misery, for many of the people of the Kindreds life had improved, and they could look more more of the same. Plii, and Eldarhaven, became the hub of commerce and innovation, and the region grew to the most populous, and by far the richest on Gaea. He attracted a following of motivated and devoted…. ****

At first Regnad worked within the traditions established by the Powers, and if any asked by what authority he acted, he would always replay as Hierarch and Hierophant. But then he was called to account by the Powers, some of who feared that Regnad wished to remake the entire cosmos and underpinnings of urXron, and not just the fate of cities, peoples or even Gaea.

He was called to stand before the Powers Assembled and told to humble himself and turn from his desires, Regnad instead declared that the Powers had not the right to demand such, not even Tem

a uniting of all the Powers That Be, of all natures and kindreds, and Regnad’s influence was whittled away until after a time only a small force remained, in ancient spaces dug deep below the White Palace. And even then, Regnad remained defiant, even as a cosmic barrage reduced the city of Plii above him to rubble and desolation. So powerful were the forces engaged, physical, magical, and spiritual, that they tore at the very fabric of reality.

Until, finally, the War ended in Darkness.
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The Apostates War

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