The Creation

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A very condensed version…

The Powers were before the Beginning. They roamed the Outer Dark, where their victories and defeats were in terms incomprehensible to mortals. In their travels, they learned of the Consuming Source, greater than anything else that they had encountered. And so they gathered together and crossed great gulfs of the Dark to behold the Source. And it was great and terrible, betokening ultimate destruction and unending creation. The Powers were drawn to it, but were unable to pierce its heart while holding safe outside the circle of destruction. Yet they knew that the Dark was growing inhospitable, and there was a Doom foretold that promised ultimately the defeat and end of the Powers.

And so it was that Bel discerned a gauzy web, suspended, pulsating, between the Outer Dark and Consuming Source. And he decided to sacrifice his outer form so that he might enter into that place, which he did, and there discovered limitless potential. But potential only. For within, there was no extent, no separation, no distance, every point separate, every point the same. And Bel thought, “By my strength and will, I pervade it all. And so now there is here and also not-here; and I can take a portion of this stuff and decree some close and some far.” But there was still only potential, and not the actual: there was no duration, all was static and unchanging. And Bel lifted his foot and brought it down, the first interval of time, urXron. And Bel danced through the plenum of urXron as across a great empty plane. He made a place within this plenum, and decreed the laws by which it would endure, and said “This is my Realm, and here might I create, unfettered by what limitations I had in the Outer Dark.” And then he sent signs out into the Outer Dark, whereby the other Powers would know what he had done, and asking them to join him in a great Task, to deny their Doom in the Dark and harness the Consuming Source.

And so they joined him. First Meh and Mal, then the other Great Powers and finally all the Powers minor. The Powers learned from Bel and labored in the making of first their individual Realms, and then their greatest work, in common, the Material Realm with Gaea. Even before Gaea, the Powers created new kinds of life and intelligence: their minions to fill their realms. The Powers knew that their Task would require more than what they could do for themselves, so they created the various kindred peoples, born mortal but someday some individuals might have special talents for the Task. To assist particularly with the foundations of the Material Realm, Meh made first Gnomeh and then the six Progenitors of the dwarves. Most of the Powers made their own individual contribution to Gaea as dictated by ability and interest. Trees and grasses spread over the face of Gaea, and beasts dwelled within the seas, and roamed over the land or traversed the sky. Later were made two more Kindred, Elves and Orcs.

Bel had a much reduced role in the making of Gaea, because just as the foundations of the Material Realm were laid, the very fibre of urXron was assaulted from beyond by the Demons, Urguk and Content Not Found: argah. All of their creations were at risk, but amongst the Powers it was Bel who immediately sprang to the defense, before urXron was undone, the great Dance ended. No other Power, even Mal, could join in the defense in time to avert the end. Bel’s only recourse was to trap the enemy within his being, rendering them mostly impotent, but requiring his almost total vigilant attention.

And then came Dreamtime.
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The Creation

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