Ahbays Particulars

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Motto: “If you can’t get it at Ahbay’s, then you probably can’t get it anywhere.”

Ahbay’s is a general outfitter and consignment shop. The main shop is a large airy room, with numerous side rooms, fitting areas, and closed wooden cases, scattered on the periphery or the lining the up stairs balcony. A trio of large mastiffs, loll about singly or together or pad disinterestedly from place to place ignoring both staff and customers.

Ahbay will have most everything you might think of, and will run down what he doesn’t have. He acts as a jobber for the other craftsmen in Eldarhaven, providing a one stop shop popular with the caravans who wish to reequip and resupply before starting on their next leg. Ahbay also allows individuals looking for buyers of some exotic item, to present them on consignment at his shop, handsomely and securely, displayed. He takes only a 20% cut from the negotiated price. If the seller can’t wait for a buyer to walk in, or Ahbay is looking to clear out space on the shop floor, Ahbay holds occasional auctions, usually scheduled at the start of a new season.

If an adventurer is really tight for cash, he might be able to pawn some of his more valuable equipment, though he would be well advised to stay abreast of his payments if he doesn’t want his kit appearing on offer on Ahbay’s display floor or as an auction lot.

Though Ahbay has a good supply of Healing equipment, nostrums, and potions, if you wanted to save on his quite modest mark-up, head for the Dispensary of the Temple of Pel.
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Ahbays Particulars

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