Campaign Status


2016 September 14
Campaign Finishing Initial Development / Players Wanted
Next Game Session: urXron — TBD (no earlier than sometime fall 2016)

  • Obsidian Portal status: Primarily filling in Glossary entries, and site navigation links, though I’m storing up a lot of backstory with an eye to the Snippets when the Glossary is in a fit state. Significant rewrites and expansions to the Campaign Meta Material. (I plan to ask for OP design feedback soon.)
  • Current campaign development: Eldarhaven, cosmos back story, Session one encounters, Underpalace “Level one” inhabitants, encounters.. Level two map revisions.
  • Meta Material:— Complete rewrite / reorganization due to possible campaign opportunity
  • Players/Characters: Players / Kibitzers desired! Please apply!
    • Your Name Could Go HERE!

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Campaign Status

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