Campaign Status


2018 July 2
Coming up to Session 36 (or so)!
No Game on July 4: Happy Independence Day!
Next Game Session:- Wed July 11
and weekly thereafter

  • Obsidian Portal status: Primarily filling in Glossary entries, and site navigation links. New NPCs to underpin PC backstories. Running a little more behind on the campaign logs (will get caught up on that soon)..
  • Current campaign development: Eldarhaven, cosmos back story, Countryside and geography on the way to Khanada. Level three re-mapping..
  • Meta Material:—Subject to amendments in the house rules based on experience.
  • Current Players/Characters: Still openings for players! Please apply!
  • Previous Characters currently Missing In Action (but always welcome to rejoin should circumstances permit)
    • Lagslayer / Felix Pigtooth Druid Pig Breeder and his companion Pigby
    • Bstern / Erfvantikk Gnome Cavalier of the Dragon Order and his mount Achilles
    • Telixen / Sybella Oracle of the Life Mystery

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Campaign Status

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