Campaign Status


2017 Sep 13
Campaign Finishing Initial Development / First Session Immanent
Next Game Session:- Wed September 20, 6—9pm
and weekly thereafter

  • Obsidian Portal status: Primarily filling in Glossary entries, and site navigation links. New NPCs to underpin PC backstories.
  • Current campaign development: Eldarhaven, cosmos back story, Session one encounters, Underpalace “Level one” inhabitants, encounters.. Level two map revisions. Level three reimagining.
  • Meta Material:—Largly Complete, subject to amendments in the house rules based on experience.
  • Players/Characters: Still openings for players! Please apply!
    • Glitteringold / TBD?
    • Lagslayer / TBD?
    • Kinneyjd42 / Zanzaren Zharius Wizard Enchanter / Controller
    • Bstern / Erfvantikk Gnome Cavalier of the Dragon Order
    • Telixen / Sibella Oracle of the Life Mystery
    • (Steve) / (? Pacifist Rogue)
    • (Will) / Druid / Animal Companion

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Campaign Status

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