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The Pantheon

What passes for gods in urXron are the Powers That Be, with distinction between the (once eight and now) seven Powers Major, , and the Powers Minor some of whom have four or even three domains and subdomains. The exact enumeration of all the powers and their assigned domains are deliberately left unclear, although you might guess that the two main Powers of Eldarhaven, Pel and Ela, both have Water and Oceans as one of their domain/subdomain pairs. (If I had the time/resources I might have created some custom domains, but I’ll think I’ll work with the pretty extensive list in Pathfinder.)

The various Realms take the place of the Pathfinder “planes”. There is no exact correspondence between the two, except perhaps the Material Realm and the Material Plane. Besides the Realms there are also a set of Spaces that in some way support and interconnect the realms.

Many of the various celestial / infernal / etc. “alignment based” races and creatures from Pathfinder are present, though their home base will be one of the Powers’ Realm.


Most inhabitants of Gaea have a fairly loose connection with the Powers, usually not much more than a superstitious, occasional offering or acknowledgment at a roadside shrine of a particular Power. The more devote might attend the weekly High Day rites, or the particular feast day of the Power of his town or city. A small minority make a more personal connection with a single Power, through undergoing the Rite of Dedication, which is performed by an at least level 5 cleric (it is a level 3 clerical spell). All clerics become Dedicated before they attain their access to second level or higher spells. It is also when they make their permanent choice of Domains/sub-Domains.

Many non-clerical PCs of level three or higher might consider a Dedication, and it will be a rare high level NPC that characters meet who is not Dedicated. AN exception is that neither gnomes or Oracles will undergo Dedication. The details of non-clerical connections might or might not be discussed amongst the public, acquaintances, or even close friends. Not even the cleric who cast the Rite will know which particular Power a character chose (or even if a Power was actually chosen).

Dedication to a Power may offer certain advantages/opportunities (though there are no additional “powers” granted to the character), but there may also be responsibilities entailed. Other than clerics, no PC is required to undergo Dedication. Gnomes don’t do it traditionally, and oracles can not advance in their oracle levels once they Dedicate.

When the player wishes his character to undergo Dedication then he should let the GM know ahead of time and it can happen off-line of the regular adventure.

One generally makes an offering of 300 Ar (gp) to the cleric casting the Rite, with another 10—20 Ar to pay for celebratory refreshments.

Demonic forces

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Character Religion

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