Dramatis Personae

Unlike the rest of the wiki, the character pages for these individuals so not contain links allowing their sequential reading, so just hit the browser “back” button to return here if you wish to check out another character. When you’ve had enough of these, you can peruse some of their recent actions in the Snippets. (or further in the Campaign Log entries).

Mortals of Eldarhaven and environs.

Pawns of outside forces (characters)

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  • Zanzaren Zharius — Half Elf Enchanter (Controller)
  • Alphonse of House Capone — (Pacifist) Rogue, looking for growth opportunities
  • Corm — Barbarian, wielder of power
  • Flint Fireforge — Dwarf Cleric, follower of the Spider power, Rak, of the Folk of Khadoc
  • Ackpub — Kobold ranger with a particular hatred of orcs
  • Rizom “Big Nose” Gleg — Ex-Mercenary. and a good hand in a bar fight
  • Fenwick Wavecaller — Elementalist, initially of cold and water.
  • Bask — Halfling orphan and aspiring adventuring treasure finder
  • Sybella — Oracle of the Life Mystery
  • Erfvantikk — Gnome Cavalier astride his noble steed Achilles.
  • Felix Pigtooth — Druid (and with Erf, proprietor of a Pig Extension Service) and his companion Pigby
  • Taena — Half-elf Bard, banished from Eldar court.

(Somewhat) Important People

Spear Carriers and just folks

  • Content Not Found: alan — chief steward to Celrice anna Celamar.
  • Aryo — a very busy young lad.
  • “Auntie” Magda Whirtle — a problem solver.
  • Content Not Found: balar — archer companion of Celrice anna Celamar’s household
  • Content Not Found: barbaran — Grave-digger and officiant of the Last Rites with an unfortunate speech impediment.
  • Blennith Thickskin — fisherman and sargeant of the Militia’s second digit.
  • Chalmers — a retainer never far from Roscoe Lionheart.
  • Dilmer Birdsong — busker and story teller.
  • Engstral — a former farmer.
  • Content Not Found: goody — takes care of beginnings and endings.
  • Hurinon — an occasional visitor from his hermitage somewhere outside the Wall, patron of Aryo.
  • Jets Waggoner — a cheerful pair of hands at the Wrym.
  • Content Not Found: jhavan — point of contact for the gnomish.
  • Content Not Found: khalok_ — dwarven chief assistant to _Content Not Found: honesty
  • Content Not Found: khatonok — general agent for the dwarf caravans, as well as really the only lawyer in town.
  • Content Not Found: mandy — a housekeeper at the Wyrm, guardian / foster mother to Aryo.
  • Marrow — half-orc student of Content Not Found: galadir
  • Content Not Found: pait — a female druid of the Grove, and a bear companion
  • Content Not Found: salada — a recent immigrant girl with a heart of gold.
  • Content Not Found: seth — an aspiring evoker wizard
  • Shalin Waggoner — a generally handy kind of halfling
  • Tutka Waggoner — minding the cash box at the Jug.

The Powers That Be

The Great Powers

  • Bel — Sustainer, the First Act(or)
  • Mal — Lord of Flame, Gift Giver. (Now absent?)
  • Meh — World Forger. Creator of the Longbeards
  • Lis — Elf-mother. The Ice Queen.
  • Tem —The Judge, the Power of Life and Death
  • Content Not Found: col — The Weaver, The interconnectedness of life.
  • Content Not Found: cos — Mistress of all Water
  • Content Not Found: vel — Lady of the Sky

Selected Powers Minor (There are many more out there…)

  • Ela — Coral Queen.
  • Ian — Watcher of doors and portals.
  • Kog — Gate Keeper between Life and Death.
  • Content Not Found: haf — Defender of the Right.
  • Lio — The Recorder.
  • Content Not Found: och – Lady Liberty.
  • Pel — Storm Courser.
  • Rak — Lady of Spiders
  • Content Not Found: ram — Battle Master.
  • Sla — Dark Spinner

Historical Personages

Dramatis Personae

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