Drowned Eldarhaven


Before the Darkness, Eldarhaven was the ocean port of Plii, but it was a city in its own right, one of trade, riches, and a cosmopolitan lifestyle with a population of hundreds of thousands. Crowded wharves ran over a kilometer of seafront, through which passed trade to the entire world.

After the Darkness, the far western portion of the city was more or less unchanged (not to say that the years of the Apostate’s War had left it undamaged). But just 300 meters east of Dragon Gate the ground breaks and slopes downward. It was as if a giant thumb had been pressed against the eastern edge of the city and pushed. Now water covers the palaces and plazas, warehouses and wharves – Drowned Eldarhaven. In places crenelated rooftops poke above the water line, and low tides can expose slimy streets continuing into slow swells.

There are tales still told of how in the time after the Darkness foul things would come up from the waters and harry the survivors who huddled in the shadow of the Black Wall. It was Bogonus Onehand who gave the people heart and organized a defense, ultimately erecting the stockade, clearing away fallen walls and other debree for almost 100 meters to the east. Though wary eyes still watched from the stockade walkways, it had been decades since peril had arisen from the shadowed waters. Still, dark memories and heavily punitive0 laws inhibit those who might be tempted to attempt salvage. The ruins of Plii seem to offer a safer site for those who would wish to satisfy some investigative itch.

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Drowned Eldarhaven

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