Game Characteristics

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urXron is a “role playing game” campaign, a designation that covers a wide range of possibilities. If you are thinking of joining the campaign, you should know just what sort of game I’m hoping to play, and determine if its compatible with how you generally have fun.

To begin with, the campaign is set in a home-brew world, with many familiar aspects of the classic sword and sorcery role playing: e.g. dwarves and elves; wizards and rogues; gods and demons, but with a few tweaks and twists. The game rules are a selection of the Pathfinder Role Playing Game rules, along with a number of house rules to implement those tweaks.

If you care about the underlying game philosophy, just what kind of RPG is envisioned, then check out
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If this already generally seems to your liking then you can find out some physical details about the campaign;
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Game Characteristics

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