Honestys Smith

Under the spreading chestnut tree, the village smithy stands. Well, not quite. A rough wooden palisade, with a few simple doors, encloses the grounds of Content Not Found: honesty establishment. Much of the site is uncovered except for a high arbor intertwined with grape, and other vines, the vegetation so thick in places that you might as well be indoors (if you don’t mind a slightly leaky roof during downpours). This provides a respite from the heat of the sun, but the air can still be hot, though never stifling. Over each forge or furnace a large diameter clay pipe conducts hot air to a central opening to the arbor, which acts as a common chimney which induces a continuous draft of outside air over the top of the palisade and gaps in the arbor.

There are several work areas distributed around the area, including multiple forges, a casting pit, and even a smelter, though usually for the raw iron smelting Honesty has a facility outside the Eldarhaven walls, at First Post. Even that is only occasionally used, as feed stock of all kinds is carted in on the dwarven caravans.

Tools, when not in use, are hung on boards suspended from the arbor, and unfinished products neatly stowed. There is little of the litter and detritus that can drift in the corners of even the tidiest smithy.

Much of the rest of the place is filled by neat stacks of cordwood and covered bins of lime, coke, and raw ore; creating a veritable maze, though there are wide enough passages for material, workers, and the occasional horse. (Except for very special cases, farrier work is done at the Wyrm).

The largest work area, and one that has a proper roof and chimneys, is the domain of Honesty himself. Here the forge fire is hottest and never dies, even if Honesty’s work for the moment is not at the forge, but, say, applying delicate chasing to a silvered bowl on one of the smaller anvils.

All work, even of the junior apprentice, is “bespoke”, that is to specific order, save some basic items of armor and armament turned out for Ahbay’s. The quality is always good, and some items can reach a pinnacle of perfection rarely seen in such a small town as Eldarhaven. For all that, the prices are reasonable for the product.

He has a shop foreman, Content Not Found: khalok who seems to spend his life tending the fires and smelting the specialty ores, as well as his own line of masterwork weaponry. Update: Khalok was found brutally murdered. Two apprentices, and two or three laborers round out the staff. The number of the latter can ebb and flow dependent on the needs of the moment.

The work is such that someone will be about at any hour, to tend the forge fires at the least. But the true security of the place, with nary a lock or bar, is said to come from Heckle and Jeckle. Most people know them only from the continuous sounds of scurrying amid the vines, and sometimes indistinct shadows amongst the dark eves of the covered areas. A variety of opinions on just what sort of creature they are can be heard in the taverns and on idlers’ benches. Only Honesty knows for sure, and he never speaks of them, save their names. The one fact that is clear is that they are carnivorous. Honesty keeps a bowl of chopped cubes of meat by his side, not offal but fit for even the finest table. Now and again Honesty will pause in his work, call one or the other by name, and fling some choice bit up where the rustling becomes loudest. The most that can be seen are bright eyes and a flash of sharp teeth in the shadows.

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Honestys Smith

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