Little Suzzy

(rhymes with “tootsie”)

In general, the part of any town or city where halflings have segregated themselves. It is a name that the halflings themselves use. (Insensitive or boorish non-halflings sometimes call the area “Duck-Town”, from “Kudduk”.)

In Eldarhaven specifically, it is sited on and within a partially demolished palazzo in the south part of town, not far from The One-Armed Juggler. The southern wall has been torn down, and the interior space has been filled with what appears to be the sloping side of a hill, dotted with the doors and windows of a number of different dwellings which house the more well off portion of the town halfling population. The remainder abide in one of the (usually subdivided) rooms of the palazzo itself. Other rooms act as storage areas, workshops, trade rooms and so forth.

It was Roscoe Lionheart who first moved in to and modified the building, and is called the “Mayor” of Suzzy, informally.

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Little Suzzy

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