(PRII matz) Humans. Also called The Gifted, or sometimes the Touched.

Ever since they first walked on Gaea, they were by far the most numerous, and varied, of all the Peoples fashioned by the Powers that Be. It is a (human) saying that the Longbeards made Gaea, but they made it for the Primates. Though their life span is short compared to all but the Yrrche, they seem to pack a great deal of activity (and accomplishment) in their few years. They populate almost any environment, save the ice fields, deep desert, undersea, and understone.

Every Power has at least some human Dedicated, even those such as Meh or Lis who are mostly associated with the dwarves and elves respectively.

They show a great deal of variation in skin, hair, build, and voice, though particular racial subtypes seem to cluster around particular geographic / climatic regions. In Plii many humans have dark hair and a deep almost olive complexion, but its cosmopolitan aspect insures that you will see almost any example of the human phenotype.

Humans are said to be the last Kindred from before the Dreamtime.

But not the last Kindred. For following the humans came the Eldar.
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