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Note: These are highly incomplete and maybe inconsistent. You can look at one or two for the flavor of what will be here, but really your time is more profitably spent with the Glossary and Campaign Meta Material, for now.

These are a set of interlocking snippets recounting the activities some inhabitants of the town of Eldarhaven, starting just before the end of the year 87 AD and through the multi-day New Year celebration. The campaign itself begins a few days after start of 88 AD. The snippets are intended to provide a light introduction to the urXron backstory, and some of the denizens that players’ characters might come across. Most of the knowledge presented would be available to a generally educated citizen of the town, though there are a few details that might be considered spoilers. For example, you wouldn’t expect your typical human to really know very much about the non-human cultures, even for such a cosmopolitan place as Eldarhaven. This means that some of this material would not be actually known by some player characters, depending on their back story. I hope that player’s will role-play their creations accordingly.

Some of this material starts out as cut and paste from a version written for the previous (third) iteration of the campaign, and should be labeled as DRAFT. This means that it is subject to change, at any level of detail including complete removal, as the world gets rewritten.

Highday, the 88th day of Fall, 87 AD.

Mid-twitters – some three hours before dawn.

  • Just a Little Too Late (a farmstead four leagues or so from Eldarhaven) – Engstral agonizes over the abandonment of the fruits of many years of sweat and toil, then comes to wish he had done it sooner.
  • A Parting of the Ways – (some bushes a stones throw outside the Dragon Gate) – Marrow takes her leave of her mother and her past life.

Mid-risen – dawn

A short time later


  • School Days – (The WayHall) – Content Not Found: galadir finds a student, while Marrow finds a teacher. Both get more than they expected.
  • Last Aid – (Temple of Content Not Found: pal_) _Content Not Found: goody does her job.
  • A Real Trouper – (Household of Blennith and The Dragon Gate)A younger brother gets the call he’s been waiting for.





Disorder in the Court – Elmo meets a delegation

Confrontation before Pel







Liberas – New Years Day 88 AD


A bard passes along the tale of two sibling elf sorcerers, one who had a chance for godhood…

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