The Baths

This is a facility of surprising size and grandeur for a town of only one thousand inhabitants. It is tended by the hierarchy of Ela, and amongst its pools and sluices of hot and cold freshwater taken from sources that originate within Telmar Cliffs it also has a large saltwater pool drawn from the waters of the sea, refreshed with each tide, the Pool of Ela.

The bath’s fresh water facilities are more than sufficient to keep citizens and visitors remarkably clean, relaxed, and deoderized. Visitors, generally unused to such facilities, usually make their first bath as a result of a subtle suggestion to “check out the Pool of Ela, and while you’re there…” from a resident they’ve happened to share a bench, table, or pew with. The grounds include gardens, fountains, walkways, exercise areas, and a small outdoor theater, that could sit a hundred or so. There is a graduated fee, depending on the level of comfort required. Access to the Pool and the large outdoors unheated bath and rinsing station is open to the public (though there is an offering box at the Pool.) The outdoor heated soaking pool requires only a single hacent a body, while a penny will take you indoors for the more luxe facilities.

Protocol dictates that clothes and belongings are checked with an initiate at an entrance gates, followed by a soapy scrub and rinse in a pair of lukewarm showers. On the Bath grounds, nudity is unremarked on, though some wear a simple clout for their loins. Almost any crowd of participants will sort themselves by gender, though this is not exclusively the case.

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The Baths

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