The Black Wall

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The western border of Eldarhaven — It extends for a distance of just over 500 m running precisely south to north, from the breakwater to the shear cliffs of the Telmar. It rises 15 meters from street level to the crenelated top, on the town side, with an additional 1-3 meters on the out side. The extent of the foundations is unknown. At its base it is generally 7 meters wide with only a slight taper to 6 m at the top. A 4 m wide walkway runs along the top. The wall widens to 10 m platforms roughly every 100 m. In addition, there are internal rooms and passages, some extending below street or ground level.

The only land entrance to Eldarhaven through the wall, is the Dragon Gate, which is about 250 m south of the Telmar cliffs.

There are two towers, Tor Custos and Tor Magus sited at the north and south end of the wall, respectively.

The wall, gate house, breakwater and towers are all made of a smooth black stone: quite hard and impossible to cut or mark. The wall itself appears to be made of a single piece, i.e. with no visible joins or cracks. Most of the external surface is smooth, almost slick, though the walkways, stairs, interior surfaces, etc. have a roughened texture providing a good footing even in the rain.

Details of the wall’s construction are few and contradictory, but in general traditions state that the wall and towers were raised at the founding of the adjacent city of Plii, which would make them millennia old, with no signs of appreciable wear in the stone work to show for it.

The exterior stone is slightly cool to the touch during the day, and slightly warm at night.

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The Black Wall

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