The Red Wyrm

The Red Wyrm is a hostelry and caravansary just past the Dragon Square, with accommodations for travelers and their mounts; storage for traders’ wares; a popular tavern and kitchen offering drink, meals, and entertainment; lodgings for residents looking for more security than the Snares; and an amiable (for dwarves) and responsive management. It has an almost legendary reputation with the dwarven caravans and merchant ships of all races that call at Eldarhaven, though this comes from the memories of an even larger establishment that welcomed visitors for centuries before the Darkness. The quality of accommodation depends on the ability to pay, and varies from a spot in the stable lofts to multi-room suites, some with separate entrances to the street. These last are a recent addition. The management is hoping to let them on long term leases, such as the Golden Trident seems to manage.

Besides the residential customers, the tavern patronage is drawn from a wide cross section of Eldarhaven’s residents, usually intent on an easy evening of talk and light entertainment. Vicinity to the guard barracks and militia training grounds usually ensure a sprinkling of off-duty guards amongst the other patrons. The food ranges from decent to good, if not very adventurous. The ales and other brews, are the best in town. and in truth would stand comparison with any in the whole of Gaea.

At least one of its many entrances is open at any time of day or night, though one shouldn’t expect much out of the kitchen at midtwitten more than tea, bread, and cheese.

At the main entrance to the tavern, just past a shaded terrace, the lintel and sides are draped by a long sinuous statue of a dragon, as if he were scaling and protecting the walls. The head, at dwarven eye level, confronts entering patrons with a toothy smile. Cast in metal, most of the dragon’s form is a dull verdigris, except the snout, rubbed “for luck” by generations of people leaving the Wyrm for some chancy undertaking, resulting in a polished crimson surface.

The current management consists of four dwarf brothers, and a younger nephew, Content Not Found: bhent. Ghimkrak is the eldest of the brothers, and is the one who is the most public face of the family. They have numerous more or less well treated employees: kitchen staff, barkeeps, servers, cleaners, and livery men.

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The Red Wyrm

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