Tor Magus


The smaller of the two towers at each end of the Black Wall, the other being Tor Custos. Tor Magus is at the seaward terminus of the wall, ascending to a height of 75 meters. The tower proper rises freestanding from the center of a small courtyard of 30 meters a side. It has a two entrances at its 25 meter diameter circular base, and a third through a small high balcony, connected by a narrow, rail-less wooden path to the top of the Black Wall. The courtyard contains a few wooden outbuildings, as well as entrances to small rooms within the courtyard walls, all used for storage and servants quarters. One of the eastern wall-rooms is used as the sales counter for a small variety of arcane potions and other relatively inexpensive magical items of interest to the populace at large.

The Tower has a long historical association with arcane pursuits, a reputation extended by its current tenants, the three most experience (human) wizards of the town: Content Not Found: phil, xxxx, and xxx. The interior layout is only a matter of conjecture, as gentiles are not admitted, except for a visitor hall occupying almost half of the ground level. (There are some servants who also seem to have at least some access to the tower interior.)

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Tor Magus

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