Celrice anna Celamar

Male Elf, Factor of Eldarhaven


(Pronounced “kel-RI-kay an-NA KEL-ah-mar”)

Tall by elvish standards, with platinum hair and silver grey eyes in striking contrast to a dark complexion. He listens more than he speaks, but when he speaks he expects to not have to repeat what he says. He comports himself with the unhurried grace that the eldar take on as the centuries pass. He carries, as a badge of his office as Factor, a tightly rolled scroll of fine linen paper, capped with silver on both ends and joined by a silver chain.


Celrice undoubtedly is Eldarhaven’s currently longest duration inhabitant alive. For that matter he is probably the oldest person that any inhabitant is ever likely to meet. Though not of the Awakened, he was one of the earliest Eldarin generations, having been born back in the beginnings of the Years of Concord. For all that he will almost never speak of the times long gone that he must have seen, placing his attention on more recent events. He is most focused on his responsibilities as the Factor of Eldarhaven, titular leader of the elven community, and protector of all eldarin interests, including those of their most distant polities.

Celrice arrived at the head of a small flotilla of elvish craft a few weeks after the lifting of the Darkness bearing much needed succor to the few survivors. It was he who proclaimed Content Not Found: bogunus as Master of Eldarhaven, and assisted him in establishing the forms of his government. A this point, he considers himself to have no official connection to current affairs of state, save as Factor. Even so, during deliberations of the Hand, any opinion he might offer (rarely and usually with an economy of expression) is given a great deal of weight, so that he has been called “the sixth finger”.

Three children have been born to him after his arrival: Anorice and Isilrice, brother and sister twins, and a younger son Thanice. He has no other family in Eldarhaven.

Celrice anna Celamar

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