Fenwick Wavecaller

One with an affinity for the elements... and adventure


Fenwick is a young human man, just barely turned 18. His hair is sandy brown and his skin is tanned, with many freckles from exposure to sun and waves. His eyes are blue, though the shade of blue seems to vary with his mood, ranging from his normal sky blue when his disposition is sunny, to an icier blue when angry or upset. His attitude towards adventuring is more curious than heroic, though that may change if he finds deeper injustices to right than he has run into so far in his somewhat eventless youth. He is short (around 5’6") and light of build (140 Lb.), though he is wiry and has some muscles from working on board a sailing vessel.


Fenwick comes from a family long devoted to the sea and to the god Pel, the Storm Courser. The wiser members of the family are usually clerics or druids; the less wise are sailors or even pirates. His father was the pirate Murrtar Bootkicker, whose ship didn’t come back when Fenwick was just eight. His mother, Wajilli Wavecaller, was a druid who raised him in the faith and expected him to be a druid like herself. Fenwick was not wise enough to follow that path, and his mom basically kicked him out when he was sixteen, finding him a berth on a merchant ship, the Cuprous Heron.

Fenwick remained faithful and continued to pray to Pel. He is not sure if that is related to his developing powers, but he hopes so … it was right after a holy day of fasting when, light headed from lack of food, he heard the voice of the water. He quickly gained a small amount of control over water currents and the ability to freeze small quantities of water. The crew of the Cuprous Heron accepted this as useful, but he got the feeling that if he stayed on board he would never develop further. He now wishes to travel, act as a protector of nature, and eventually reach the mountains where he may learn to hear the voice of the air.

Dramatis Personae

Fenwick Wavecaller

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