Ushers mortals through the gate between life and death.


The traditional representation of Death: skeletal form, black cowl and habit, often carries a wickedly sharp scythe, an hour glass, and trowel, at his belt. His symbol is a lytch-gate: two wooden posts, and a simple slatted gate beneath a peaked roof between them. Sometimes the pillar and roof are entwined with red and white leaved ivy. Almost every cemetery has an entrance that recalls this, through which the deceased’s body enters the grounds. This gate is a fane of Kog.


Kog seems to have two almost distinct aspects. His most benign is as overseeing the escort of mortal souls at the beginning of their after-death journey. He is considered an adjunct to Tem in his role as the Final Judge. But he is also considered the patron and master of all forms of unlife: ghouls and ghasts, specters and wights, vampires and mummies.


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