Campaign Software


Software is necessary both to easily implement the house rules, particularly for character advancement, die rolls, and also to support remote players during game sessions.

  • Almost all aspects of the campaign world are stored in an on-line database, accessed through the Yggdrasil program.
    • During a game session Yggdrasil allows the DM to track and execute encounters.
    • Randomization (die rolls) are performed by Yggdrasil, though in a few special cases players could make a roll used as the basis of the computer generated value, i.e. a d20 (or d10 or d100) would be mapped into a Gaussian distribution for some skill checks or critical attack rolls.
    • Character creation and advancement can be done via a Yggdrasil connection, even between game sessions. This would involve a VPN (virtual private network) connection to the urXron server machine.
    • Eventually the player interface will be moved to a separate application, Bifrost, though its development will not be the highest priority.
    • Other in-game actions (combat, skill checks) may be directly supported by Yggdrasil, as part of on-going development.
    • Campaign members will have opportunities to help debug and checkout new versions of Yggdrasil, and any new Game Mechanics on a test-bed campaign.
  • Non-local players (if any) would be supported by some sort of TBD virtual table top software, especially for encounter visualization.

The software is intended to off-load tedium and detail from the DM (and players), allowing the flow of the story to predominate over details of mechanics, while still allowing the otherwise complex mechanics to underpin a rich environment of possibility.

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Campaign Software

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