Dwarven identity is generally centered on the group: family, sept, clan, and Folk (in increasing order of size), with the six Folk being descendants of one of the original six Progenitors. Because of the various historical cataclysms (e.g. the Darkness or Moonfall), there are small “folk-less” bands where the explicit folk identity have been lost. A folkless dwarf is generally considered an object of pity. A formal dwarven introduction includes the entire line of descent back to a Progenitor, and takes a while. At the very least the introduction involves the given name, parent, and Folk: e.g. Ghantak Kerin ak Ghibrik. Sometimes the names are taken from non-dwarven traditions, e.g. Vlade Badaxe ak Khadok.

Sexual dimorphism in dwarfs is non-existent. (Past puberty, everyone has those beards, except due to illness, accident, or punishment.) By convention all dwarves are referred to as “he”, and all inquiries as to an individual’s gender are studiously ignored.

Most dwarves live in great underground “holds”, with populations ranging from a few score to over ten thousand. Non-dwarven guests are welcome, but membership of the hold seems exclusively for dwarves. A hold might contain families and clans from different folk, though generally a single line will predominate, which would be considered the Folk designation of the hold. The head of a family, which as a group may include several generations, is addressed as “matar”. The head of the most senior family of the hold is called “mortar”, and will possess absolute power over the inhabitants, though no dwarf can be constrained to stay as part of any unit. Seniority is determined by a complicated formula based on descent. The leader of the entire folk is the “Morachdmatar”.

There is a population of “Bachelor Dwarves”, who live alone, the category that almost any adventurer dwarf will come from. They are found within the holds, as well as sprinkled throughout non-dwarven spaces. These bachelors will still consider themselves to have a family and folk identity, and would consider himself bound to any obligations to same should they come up.

Dwarves and Arcane magic seem to be completely immiscible, with a total dearth of dwarven wizards, sorcerers or bards, at least since the legendary times of the Stone Singers. The divine connection is most often through the Power Meh, though not exclusively.

The Six Folk
Folk Name Symbol
Ghibrik War Axe
Alloc Crossed hammer & Chisel
Kralik Crossed Picks
Khadok Forge Hammer Surrounded by Flame
Mehdik Multi-faceted Spherical Gemstone
Khatrik Double Peaked Mountain

The next Kindred is accounted to be the Kudukun.
Dwarves rarely mention that the Gnomehn came first.
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