The Arcane Disciplines

Two sources underpin reality: Ru and Uru. Arcane magic is the art of manipulating Uru both raw and refined to modify reality from the paths it would otherwise follow. Raw Uru can be found in a variety of forms and places, including the uru-stones used by arcane spell casters to augment the relatively meagre supply their very own bodies are able to provide for their manipulations.

Some people have a terrible gift, being naturally close to the flow of Uru. At first it appears as inexplicable alterations about them as they enter puberty. Objects seem to rearrange themselves. Ghostly music is heard or flickering lights seen floating in the vicinity of the person. These manifestations can then proceed to small fires, energy discharges, spectral pushes or even blows. Without recourse to the rigors of a Discipline, the magnitude of the untamed power builds to the point that the health, the very life, of the gifted one is threatened. In ancient times some cultures would judge the person accursed, or worse.

In a few cases, the problem would be solved by appealing to the Divine to help the gifted one manage, or even suppress or eliminate the gift. But eventually, two different Disciplines, two arcane Arts, arose that taught how the gift could be tamed, to a degree, and the power consciously channeled reproducibly to desired forms:

There is another path altogether to arcane powers. Some were fascinated by the possibilities of arcane powers, and even if they did not possess the itch that haunted the Sorcerers and Bards, they were certain that by dint of study and Practice they could achieve similar results. And some succeeded, founding the Arcane Practice of the

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The Arcane Disciplines

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