Campaign Meta Material

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Here is where the “meta” aspects of urXron, the campaign, the game, are discussed, as opposed to the in-game material of the Glossary or Snippets. (The Glossary does contain sections or pages of metagame information, all of which are marked with the “Metagame” tag.)

The campaign setting, urXron, might seem pretty ordinary: fantasy and magic admidst dark-ages society and technology; which can trace its lineage at least as far back as a shirt board cover and staples D&D setting: Greyhawk. It has most of the usual aspects: dwarves and dragons, elves and wizards, paladins and orcs, barbarians and druids. Many of the “supplement” based details (tieflings, dragon spawn) are not included. If you’ve looked over the Glossary and Snippets you might have seen seeds of distinguishing aspects. It is what come’s next, that really will be what distinguishes this campaign, and that will depend on where the player’s characters take it.

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Campaign Meta Material

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