The Undying. The Children of Lis.

(Singular: Elda) Elves: a people of grace, beauty, intellect, accomplishment and depth, at least according to the brochures. Their history has not made them overly open to other races. They mostly keep to themselves, but when they do share a place with others they tend to be involved, as opposed to, say, the Gnomehn. Elves live both in cities and in more peripatetic encampments, both of which strive for a feeling of an appropriate place within nature (again in contrast to the gnomeh’s desire for camouflage, or the dwarven underground civilization).

The Eldar are credited with being the first Wizards, founding the Craft sometime before Dreamtime, but they are by no means its sole practitioners today.

Their lifespan seems to be actually infinite (so far as it can be told), untouched by age or infirmity as the centuries (and millennia) pass, save by injury or the few diseases that affect them. But this comes at a cost in that an elf seems to have no afterlife, and can not be raised, reincarnated, or resurrected by any means. (There are particular forms of undead that might be the fate of some unfortunate Elda, but this is rarely spoke of.)

Elves were the next to last of the Kindred created in urXron. The Power Lis is revered as the mother of their kind. They strive for serenity, though their history is punctuated with times of tribulation, cataclysm, and twice as the target o genocide.

One particular event was the Sundering, when the single eldarin race was split into fou.r. This occurred as one of the side effects of Moonfall.

  • the Skywatchers – most closely similar to the original stock, they are the only type to be found in Eldarhaven or that the player characters are familiar with;
  • the Sandwalkers – they are mostly found around and within the desert of the Burning Sands;
  • the Foamriders – an aquatic people;
  • the Icechildren – who live in high places of the most bitter cold.

Eldarin names are constructed in the form <givenname> anna <giftname>. Both names are presented at a naming celebration when the generally fifty year old youngster is judged able to make his own way in the world. His parents and any other acquaintances of his youth might call him by his previous names, informally. The occasional elf is known by another name, a nickname, though his formal name would be used on important occasions.

There are other creatures, of the Dreamtime, that took the name of “elf”, though they are no children of Lis. Fey and fell, they no longer walk on Gaea, though they figure in the occasional folktale.

There is an elf-human hybrid, the Half-Elves.
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