Gnomes. (Singular – Gnomeh). The Eldest. The Deniers.

During the earliest times of urXron, the Powers founded and refined their individual realms, populating them with a variety of fantastic creatures. Some of these appeared to have intelligence and personality, but all were to a greater or lesser degree merely fractured reflections of their creator and not truly independent beings. When Meh began to plan for his, and all the Powers’, greatest work, the Material Realm, he wanted the assistance of someone that could be taught and nurtured, but then be able to make their own mark on the mighty work. STUB:

Gnomes are insular to an incredible degree. In comparison dwarves and halflings are like Shriners at a New Years Day parade. Although gnomes are found outside pure, and highly self sufficient, gnome communities, they are almost always part of a group of a few close knit families that restrict their interactions with other races to commercial matters. In Eldarhaven there is a single family of gnomes, the Leafcutters, (plus one bard).

Gnomish communities are well integrated into the natural landscape, and a un-attentive viewer might look at a thriving agricultural community and see nothing more than sticks and leaf litter.

A single gnome that tried to make his way through the world would be considered by other gnomes as outside the Pale, only barely “gnomeh”. Most are bards, (ss is the case of the unattached gnome in Eldarhaven, Content Not Found: dilmar). Not all gnome bards range through the non-gnomesh world, but a significant fraction do. Some say that it was the gnomes who were the first bards, and only because of gnomish tutelage did the order extend to other races.

Gnomish isolation is epitomized by their take on religious matters. There are no known gnome clerics of any persuasion, although there are gnome druids. The implication is that a gnome would never undergo the sacrament of Dedication, but except for a cleric there is no easy way that this can be checked one way or the other.

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