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After Darkness Came an Uncertain Dawn.

What now?

The Long Answers

To know some of the what, which, where, who, and how of the Realms of urXron,
peruse the Glossary.
To learn of events in Eldarhaven and environs at the start of the campaign,
skim these Snippets.
To understand how, with your help, the story of urXron continues,
absorb the Campaign Meta Material

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A Short Answer: Campaign Status.

In a few more words —

urXron is a home-brew RPG setting/campaign with three prior incarnations, seeking to birth a fourth. Significant improvements and changes in both the backstory and game mechanics require some further preparation, so the earliest possible first game session won’t be until December 2014. Face to face play will be somewhere convenient to the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC, with accommodations for remote players. In the mean time players can dry run character creation, and help test software and game mechanics. If you like what you see, please consider joining.

News — 2014 Mar 5
Glossary work and site navigation links added. Just about ready for public unveiling.

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