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After Darkness Came an Uncertain Dawn.

A short description of what this is about —

urXron (pronounced ur-khrone) is a home-brew RPG setting/campaign with three successful prior incarnations, and now undertaking the birth a fourth. It meets most Wednesday nights, from 6 to 9, in Savage, Maryland.

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What now?

That depends on why you passed through the portal . If you are interested primarily in learning more about the setting you have two choices…

To know some of the what, which, where, who, and how of the Realms of urXron,
glance over the Glossary.
To learn of events in Eldarhaven and environs at the start of the campaign,
skim these Snippets.

If you are considering joining the campaign…

you should also review at least the first sections of the Campaign Meta Material

To undertake a structured tour of the entire site, starting with the Glossary, see this note on site navigation.

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