(Pronounced PLEE) Several square kilometers of total ruin, atop the Telmar Cliffs from Eldarhaven. Heaps of crumbled stone and brick are all that remain of what was the greatest city in the world, the site of the triumph of Regnad, and the epicenter of the final stages of the Apostates War, when Regnad held off the collective might of the Powers. But Plii’s history stretches much farther back in time, and includes deeds and players even darker than those more recent happenings.

Though only two hundred meters from the north edge of Eldarhaven, that two hundred meters is straight up the Telmar. A more achievable access involves leaving Eldarhaven through the Dragon Gate, heading west several leagues, and taking a winding trail up through the abandoned quarry. Following this path you could just make a round trip to the center of Plii in under a day. However, few citizens of Eldarhaven have set foot within the melted walls of Plii. The ruins are considered dangerous, both physically and morally. Still, tales told of Plii before the Darkness tickle the interest of the adventurous.

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