The Militia

Since the Darkness the very existence of Eldarhaven has been repeatedly threatened, and it was only by the contribution of every able bodied citizen that they survived to another dawn. In order to keep the training of the individual citizens at peak level, and to help assist in the daily chores of the Guard and Watch, the Militia was formed.

Just before every New Year, a census of both men and women is performed and the militia members are shared out between ten different companies (or Digits). The division is such that certain talents are shared so far as they are able, e.g. divine healing, arcane combat, extraordinary talents in the feats of arms, though there is an incredible amount of politicking involved on who is assigned where, including the “officer corps” not of all which are quite as capable as they might think. Ostensibly, every citizen is considered a member of the Militia, but as the year drags on the number of shirkers increases, and those that domicile outside the Wall are often missed in any case, unless they make a particular effort to be included in the count. (This might not be a bad idea, since it might complicate any appeals for help from an organization that you have not done your share for.)

During the day, from noon to noon, each Digit takes its turn of duty, to drill, practice, parade, and aid. At night, from sunset to dawn, they are relieved by the Digit responsible for night duty. However, recently the day Digit has on occasioned undertaken overnight trips away from town, and are considered on duty the whole twenty four hours.

The night Digit’s responsibility is for a whole week from one sunset Colsday to the next. The rotation for night duty is such that there is a period before and afterwards that they are completely off duty, to ease the transition to a night time schedule.

The inter-seasonals are treated as short weeks, which makes for some very lucky digits having more time off, see below.

Here is an example for the last week of 87 AD, and the first two of 88 AD. Note that the new rosters for the day Digits take effect at noon the first Mehsday of the year. (Don’t want to be working out organizational kinks the same time you need to keep at least a partial lid on the doings of Tomfoolery.) For the night Digit the change is at noon on the first Colsday of the year. Someone could have duty both night and day, but in this case the night duty takes precedence.

Militia Digit Assignments,
End of 87 AD and first weeks of 88 AD

Day Name Date Year Postnoon Militia
Day Digit Night Digit
Mehsday 81st day of Hieral 87 AD 6 5
Velsday 82nd .. 7 ..
Fireday 83rd 8 ..
Cosday 84th 9 5
Colsday 85th 10 4
Temsday 86th 1 ..
Lisday 87th 2
Highday 88th day of Hieral 3
Xronas 5
Gaeas 6 ..
Vitas .. 7 4
Neos 87 AD 8 3
Liberas 88 AD 9 ..
Tomfoolery .. 10
Mehsday 1st day of Astral 4
Velsday 2nd 5
Fireday 3rd 6
Cosday 4th 7 3
Colsday 5th 8 2
Temsday 6th 9 ..
Lisday 7th 10
Highday 8th 1
Mehsday 9th 3
Cosday 12th 6 2
Colsday 13th 7 1

While on duty, a militia member’s employer is supposed to provide some sort of support to his or her family. (Fishermen are covered by the Guild.

Three times a day simple rituals, the “Passing of the Baton”, mark the supposed transition of responsibility between the different militia Digits. At dawn, the current Day Digit relieves the Night Digit. At noon the Baton is passed to a successor Digit who takes on the Day responsibility. Finally, at sunset, the Night Digit returns to receive the Baton for the night. Once a week, on Colsday, the noon ceremony also marks the transition of the week-long Night Digit designation, marked by passing an iron chain bandoleer between the Digit captains.

Lately, because one or the other (or both) of the Day digits is on extended duty (i.e. going out on patrol to First Post), the ceremonies become just abbreviated announcements from the Dragon Gate. The passing of the physical baton may occur in some informal matter, or not at all.

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The Militia

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